The Modern Family Cast Has A Hilarious Identity Crisis!

Modern Family goes from strength to strength. It’s currently won the deserved No. 14 spot on The Hollywood Reporter’s list of Hollywood’s 100 favorite TV shows. In a move that’s only going to make you love the cast even more, they got together and recreating scenes from some of their favorite television series, including Breaking Bad, Cheers, and Married with Children. Naturally, Sofia Vergara posed in a role that utilized her rather impressive cleavage.


1. Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler get their Breaking Bad on as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.


2. Sofia Vergara got dolled up as Peggy Bundy, while Ed O’Neill revisited his former role as her husband, Married with Children’s Al Bundy.


3. Nolan Gould, Ariel Winter, Julie Bowen, Rico Rodriguez, Ty Burrell and Jesse Tyler Ferguson did Cheers very proud.

4. Julie Bowen goes all Mary Richards from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.


5. Nolan Gould and Sarah Hyland channel Major Nelson and Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie.


6. Last of all, Ariel Winter, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet and Brigitte get dressed up as Daphne Moon, Niles and Frasier Crane from Fraiser.


On September 23, Modern Family will be back on ABC.