The 10 Most Expensive Super-Yachts On Earth

It seems that in order to get into the actual ‘billionaire boys club’, you gotta buy a super-yacht in order to flex the size of your, ahem, wealth. These are the most expensive boats on the face of this earth, but keep in mind that the costs of upkeep for these marine monsters is approximately 10% of the cost of building. Apparently, many of these owners use them sparingly, and it goes without saying that their specifications are WAY over the top.


10. The Rising Sun – $200 million.

It cost a cool $200 million to build – small change for entertainment magnate David Geffen. Spread over its five floors are 82 rooms, a basketball court, a movie theater and a wine cellar… just the usual.


9. Seven Seas – $200 million.

This beautiful ‘boat’ cost only slightly more than Geffen’s. It has seven suites and is intended to give 12 guests an unforgettably luxurious experience. Guests are indulged with a cinema, an infinity pool, gym and helipad.


8. Lady Moura – $210 million.

Nassar Al-Rashid is a billionaire, and he owns one balling boat which features 24 karat gold lettering where 30 lucky guests are served by a crew of 60. It was actually the ninth largest personal yacht in the world upon its construction but has slipped to number 28 on that list. That tells you a lot about the rich getting richer.


7. Al Mirqab – $250 million.

Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabar Al Thani , the Prime Minister of Qatar owns this sexy thing. It has ten bedrooms, a helipad, a swimming pool and a VIP area that makes the other guests know that the PM is the BOSS.


6. Dilbar – $263 million.

Alisher Usmanov, a Russian billionaire, gets the sixth spot. It takes a crew of 47 to run this giant boat (one of the world’s largest) that is 360ft long and 50ft high. Oh them Russians.


5. Al Said – $300 million.

The Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said of Oman named this super-yacht after himself. Read this and weep – the boat contains a concert hall to accommodate a large symphonic orchestra. It can get up to 22 knots, is manned by a crew of 154, and can very comfortably take care of 70 guests.


4. Superyacht A – $323 million.

It’s one weird looking way to spend 323 million bucks, but a Russian billionaire liked the style. It’s got a modest three swimming pools on board. The master suite can sleep six people. Kinky. This Bond villain boat has two other boats on board because…apparently that is necessary.


3. Dubai – $350 million.

An epic name for an EPIC boat. It’s currently owned by the Sheik of Dubai. Casually, it’s got a glass staircase on board. A glass staircase.


2. Eclipse – estimated cost $450 million to $1.2 billion.

Roman Abramovich, who owns the Chelsea soccer team, has built a yacht so absurdly expensive that its very cost is a secret. Some believe it cost as much as $1.5billion. A cool fact is that Abramovich allows his Chelsea team members to borrow the yacht as a reward. It’s got its very own defense system, as well as two helipads and…a private SUBMARINE.


1. Streets of Monaco – $1 billion.

The incredibly ambitious creation is currently being constructed and as such, does not have an owner, but when it is, some middle eastern or Russian oilman will get his rich mitts on it. It looks like it could almost be the next smallest Principality after its namesake.