People Who Lost The Plot Over The Snapchat Rainbow Effect

These over eager Snapchat users lost the entire plot when they updated their apps. After a while we get somewhat over the rainbow though.


1. Pizza’s effect on us is ridiculous.


2. Totally blushing.


3. Are the teeth fake as well?

4. She doesn’t look in love with it.


5. We are glad unicorns are make-believe because this is horrific.


6. She just devoured several participants in the gay pride parade.

7. Too many skittles.


8. Sisterly love.


9. Uma Thurman off Pulp Fiction?

10. He tried the new vodka flavor.


11. Half unicorn, half devil.


12. Upchuck is such a revolting word.

13. So many bodily fluids.


14. Bob Marley – Rainbow Country


15. Yes it’s all very hilarious.

16. Aaaaand we are now over the rainbow.