15 Interesting Alcohol Facts That You Will Love

Here is an array of 15 amazing alcohol facts that will leave you with a drinking story or two.


1. Star Spangled Banner.

Whilst several men were sitting around having a few drinks, they started to hum a drinking song. They liked the tune so much they added a little patriotism to it and became the famous “Star spangled banner”.


2. How many grapes does it takes?

It takes an average of 600 individual grapes to create a bottle of wine.


3. Watch those calories.

If you drink a glass of wine a day, you will gain an average of 10bs in a year. Although red wine is proven to reduce the risk of heart attacks, so it is a real catch 22.

4. The warm fuzzes.

Your mind is tricking you when you get the warm fuzzes after a few drinks. Alcohol actually lowers your blood pressure, so technically it should make you colder.


5. Under Pressure.

The amount of pressure in a bottle of champagne is 90 PSI. That is approx. three times the pressure in your car tyre. No wonder we are shrouded in fear when we open the bottle.


6. Ten thousand light years away.

Ten thousand light years away, there is an Astro cloud that is made of alcohol. It could make four trillian, trillian drinks. In other words, out there, it’s party time.

7. Blasphemy.

During the time of prohibition, Bible scholars rewrote The Bible to exclude any reference to alcohol. Which makes the whole water to wine thing a bit less impressive.


8. Texas, go home you’re drunk.

In Texas it is a law that you are not allowed to stand and take more than three sips of beer. What? Texas you crazy, girl.


9. No drunk moose.

In Alaska it is illegal to give moose alcohol. You would think that it would be illegal to give any animal alcohol right?

10. There was an old woman who swallowed a fly…

In Cambodia, a shot of brandy with a tarantula in it is often a drink of choice.


11. Sounds like a good Thanksgiving to us.

In the early days of celebrating Thanksgiving, there was no mention of turkey or potatoes. However beer, wine and gin were all mains.


12. Bubbles bubbles bubbles.


There are approx. 49 million bubbles in a bottle of champagne. That fish from Finding Nemo would freak the hell out.

13. A Toast.


Making a toast to celebrate originates from ancient Rome, when people would drop pieces of bread into their wine as custom.


14. School sounds fun in Europe.

If you feel like a quick nip in the middle of your school day, then many schools in Europe will serve it to you at your leisure.